mardi 3 février 2009

Texte #1 de présentation 2009

Dear MASA´s people,

I´m a member of a french collective of artists and designers.
We would like to come in Israel next summer to realise our new project.
The aim of our work is to go in a new place, meet and exchange with
local artists.
We realise art interventions based on the city´s existence, in open
spaces, with a final production ( installations, posters, website,
movie... it depends of the context ).
If you want to know more about our work, here are the links of our
preview projects.

>2008, in Lisbon:

>2007 in Berlin:

We are not Jews so I don´t think we can participate to your programm but
maybe you could forward our mail. You may know people of art
communauties in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem who can help us in our seeking.

Kind regards,

Arthur Gourdin

L´Équipe Rocco
Julien Courtial, Anthony Folliard, Éléonore Herissé, Arthur Gourdin
contact mail : arthuricrac@hotmail.com

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